Gifts in Action

The ISB provides several opportunities for our donors and supporters to create a lasting impact in the society in areas of mutual interest while also fulfilling their philanthropic or social responsibility objectives.

Be it corporations, foundations, government, or individuals, the School provides many avenues for fruitful collaboration. Support is encouraged in several areas such as centres of excellence, institutes, grants, and faculty chairs. Similarly, while annual giving mechanisms provide an option for donors to make contributions each year, endowments are best used to support long term perpetual areas of priorities for the School. Examples below highlight some of the current gifts that are in action by providing a glimpse of the activities the beneficiaries perform and the kind of impact they hope to create.

Corporate partnerships to support infrastructure and knowledge dissemination
The NSE ISB Trading Lab

The NSE-ISB Trading Laboratory is partnership between NSE and ISB that aims to influence learning, research, investment practice and policy making in emerging markets, especially India. ‚ÄčIn research and practice, the Lab aspires to build a community of thought leaders capable of shaping the future of finance - its theory, its practice and its regulation. On the investment front, the Lab will focus on helping developed markets understand emerging markets and helping emerging markets build global investment portfolios. The partnership will help NSE to leverage its strengths to help investors, intermediaries and students understand the importance of asset allocation, financial planning and risk management, through meaningful research, working papers and case studies on the markets

An Investment in the future by building the faculty, students and the learning environment of the institute
Laurus Labs
Dr Satyanarayana Chava, Chief Executive Officer, Laurus Labs, and an alumnus of the Founding Class of Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX), will  contribute a monetary grant of Rs 1.5 crore, spread over three years, to enhance the quality of teaching at ISB. Earlier he had contributed INR 30 lakhs to ISB to support the ‘Technology Commercialisation Programme for scientists at ISB. The program was attended by nearly 30 participants from universities, public research organizations, and government labs. 

During his time as a student at ISB, Dr Chava, greatly valued the quality of teaching and wanted to enhance the same through this contribution. Bringing top class faculty into the classroom to provide the best learning experience to students has always been a priority for ISB since its founding days. Contributions from alumni, like the one by Dr. Chava,  help ISB bring such world class faculty to teach at the School  creating a lasting impact.  

Student Club to Enhance Extra-Curricular Learning
SREI Infrastructure Club

The Srei Infrastructure Club at ISB will focus on bringing awareness of the key issues, enhancing understanding of the challenges and opportunities and use convening power to bring together industry, academia and regulators to deliberate on topics of common interest. The themes under discussion would be: Infrastructure project management and finance, Infrastructure Investments, Public private partnerships.

Endowed Scholarship to encourage merit and contribution to society
Citi Endowed Scholarship

The Citigroup has instituted the Citi Endowed Scholarships as an endowment to support merit-based students and also those who have a consistent and significant record of contribution to society and general all-round achievement. The Citigroup’s Human Resource Function is involved in the selection process and the scholarship is awarded to four students annually. The awardees are called the “Citi Scholars.”
Foundation partnership to work on areas of mutual interest
DRL Cell for Employability and Skill Development

Supported by DRL Foundation, this cell conducts seeks to develop market-based solutions to address the skills shortage in the country. Housed within the Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions (CEMS), the Cell is currently pilot testing micro-education loan for vocational training.