With over 900 students a year, ISB offers one of the largest MBA programmes in the world, admitting students from various social, cultural and economic backgrounds. Despite the rigorous academic environment of ISB, not all of them have an equal chance to succeed in the programme due to the diversity in their social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

In order to address this challenge, ISB has started the ISB Leadership Impact Fund – a dedicated fund to make ISB’s world-class education accessible and inclusive to students from all backgrounds. Prospective students of our degree-level programmes will be able to apply for financial aid from this fund at the time of their application, which will lower their tuition fees at ISB, if selected into the programme. The fund will encourage students with financial need, diverse professional backgrounds and exceptional merit to choose ISB for their higher education. In addition to the financial benefit, the beneficiaries of the fund would have the unique opportunity to be mentored and guided by some of the prominent business leaders of India and the world.

We are approaching prominent business leaders, like yourself, from India, and the world, to be the founding benefactor of this fund. As a benefactor, besides seeding the fund with your financial support, you would also mentor the beneficiaries, supplementing their learning with your experience and guidance, and potentially increasing their chance to benefit from the programme at ISB. One of our goals is to make the group of benefactors as diverse as possible so that students have access to the diverse experiences from the leaders. 

Please note that the fund is aimed for support from individuals and does not pertain to their organisations. 

Mr. Bhargav Dasgupta, MD & CEO at ICICI Lombard, has come forward to be the inaugural benefactor of this fund.

What is expected of you (All as per your convenience)
  • Interaction with the beneficiaries of the fund: This will be likely an hour discussion with the beneficiaries, preferably in one of our campuses.
  • Mentoring session with student(s): Beneficiaries will have the opportunity to reach out to you for mentorship. Facilitated by ISB, you can do a session with the student(s) – either at your office or through skype/phone.
  • Financial support to the fund: We expect the fund to grow up to ₹10 Cr in the inaugural phase. The funds will be invested in an endowment to support up to 10 students each year. Any level of financial contribution from you will help grow the fund.

To know more about Scholarships and how you can support us, please get in touch with us at our contact details mentioned on this page.