Our effort to broaden student participation and strengthen inclusiveness in higher education is particularly timely in India, where rapid economic growth is accompanied by widening disparities and inequality, that are obstacles to long-term economic development. There is a pressing need for management graduates in industries and sectors, such as the non-profit sector, that are not regarded as lucrative. The high cost and financial burden of a management education often puts it out of reach of the very people who could provide dynamic leadership and make a profound difference in such sectors. Financial burden on students often prevents them from following their intended career path and limits their potential to create broader impact.

Scholarships are a strong incentive and support to exceptionally talented and driven students who may otherwise not have the means or opportunity to follow their dreams. Applicants for ISB’s flagship Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) comprise of achievers from diverse economic backgrounds.

The Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management at ISB prides itself for being one of the most cost competitive, top ranked management programmes in the world. Our average student GMAT score of >700 places us among the top few B-schools in the world on that criterion. The quality of our Student intake continues to be on par with the best in the world on all key parameters. We attract an increasing number of high potential candidates year after year, which has allowed us to ramp up our class size from 116 students in 2001 to nearly 900 students in 2019 (Class of 2020). We hold the distinction of having among the largest graduating class sizes across leading international management programmes. We take pride in the diversity of our student body, not only in terms of their functional areas, but also their economic and cultural backgrounds.

It is also consistently ranked amongst the top programmes in the world as per the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. It was ranked second in the world among 35 one-year programmes, and the first in India, in the inaugural Times Higher Education (THE) - Wall Street Journal (WSJ) rankings of world MBA programmes.
Why support tuition grants in PGP at ISB 
  • Talent Development: Help make a world-class management education accessible to students irrespective of their ability to pay and/or backgrounds. Tuition grants support aspirants who have the calibre but may not have the financial means to pursue world class education. Tuition grants help make a global management education accessible to applicants from diverse sectors such as Governments, PSU, NGO, Armed Forces, Arts & Humanities.
  • Multiplier effect: It is well known that each individual who has completed higher education leads to creation of multiple other jobs compared to people who have completed only basic education who may at best be able to find a job for themselves. ISB graduates are known to work for best organisations contributing to their growth leading to job creation or start their own ventures and create jobs.
  • Brand Visibility: Named tuition grant(s) are instituted under the name of the Donor unless they specifically request for anonymity. Through the named tuition grant, the Donor will get visibility through the below mechanisms.
                         - The Admission Campaign, of which the tuition grants are an integral part, reaches nearly 10,000 prospective applicants annually, through electronics mediums (e.g. social media, emailers) and Information Sessions organized at nearly 20 cities in India and abroad. 

                         - Tuition grants are a perpetual feature on ISB Admissions Website which is visited by nearly 25,000 visitors annually. 
                         - The tuition grants are a perpetual feature in the CV’s of the awardees, which gives the Donor higher visibility. 
                         - The Donor is recognised in the School’s Annual Report shared with the entire ISB community.            
Click here to check the criteria of selection and funding levels. The list of existing supported tuition grants can be seen here.
To know more about Scholarships and how you can support us, please get in touch with us at our contact details mentioned on this page