The Summer Research Conference in the area of Finance, organised by the Centre  for Analytical Finance (CAF) at ISB, is an event of the highest international standards where leading researchers from around the world come together to share the latest concepts, tools and techniques in finance with each other and with a local audience. Over the past 12 years, the conference has established its importance and built tremendous credibility within the finance fraternity across the world. The first Summer Research Conference was held in 2004, and the upcoming  conference in July 2015 will be the 12th of its kind. Until now, the conference has been supported by grants from Goldman Sachs Foundation and Citi Foundation, a testimony to its high standard and excellent reputation. It has come to be recognised as one of the top three finance research conferences in the world, a high distinction given that more than a thousand conferences on finance are held annually. For all of these reasons, ISB’s Summer Research Conference has become a  highly regarded and effective platform for knowledge sharing. It speaks directly to our commitment to highlighting and translating research findings to make them accessible and usable. Going forward, ISB is keen to further strengthen its ability to bring together key stakeholders to exchange such knowledge and widen its impact
The ISB Capital Markets Conclave is a practitioner-led annual event that brings together some of the best minds at the forefront of industry, policy and academia.Through interactive discussions and the exchange of ideas and perspectives, the conclave aims to identify and tackle some of the most challenging issues of our time in the area of capital markets. Built around a single theme, the ISB Capital Markets Conclave attracts eminent representatives from core sectors such as private equity, investment banking, banking and financial services, etc. The impact of the conclave is threefold: (1) it exposes students and practitioners to challenges and eading-edge practices in the finance sector, thereby fostering innovation, (2) identifies and highlights potential challenges for industry that are deserving of attention from researchers, (3) enables the sharing of best practices among practitioners.
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