Faculty Chair

Over the next few years, as we continue to grow both in size and stature, we will need to increase our investments in the recruitment and development of people who distinguish themselves both as teachers and researchers. One of the important ways we hope to attract and retain the finest faculty, nationally and internationally, is through the establishment of Faculty Chairs. Faculty Chair honour outstanding, high performing teachers and scholars who are leaders in their fields and provide them with the support and resources they need to achieve their goals as researchers and educators. ISB is committed to ensuring that we retain and reward those among our faculty who have earned a high degree of global recognition for their accomplishments.  We also seek to recruit leading faculty from India and around the world to our institution. Faculty Chair will allow us to fulfill both objectives. ISB is fortunate to have several exceptional faculty in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and operations management, to whom we would be proud to offer a Faculty Chair if only the necessary funds were available. Faculty Chair signals the status of the Chair holder and are the highest honour the ISB can bestow upon faculty who have made extraordinary contributions to research and teaching. They also serve an aspirational purpose, providing full professors with a target that will serve to motivate and enhance their efforts both as researchers and teachers.
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