Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management

Given the massive growth targets that India has set for itself, a strong push towards improving its infrastructure will be critical. In recognition of this the Government as launched an initiative for building 100 Smart Cities. Similar initiatives for improving the transport situation in the form of Dedicated Freight Corridors and improved highways are already underway. Efforts are also on towards improving our energy situation. The role of the private sector would be extremely important as public private partnerships are likely to be the prime strategy for procuring infrastructure projects.
It is in this context that there will be a need for high quality management capacity for the Infrastructure sector in India. Similar needs are also expected in most developing countries in Asia and Africa. The ability to go beyond civil engineering and understand and acquire capabilities in key areas such as finance, marketing, customer relations, economics, governance, etc. will be indispensable for infrastructure managers. The ability to identify the right projects and develop them correctly will go a long way in reducing wasteful expenditure and securing our national growth objectives at a high pace.
The Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management seeks to help create top quality management capacity for the Infrastructure Sector. It seeks to undertake research that would help find solutions that the infrastructure industry faces. It seeks to become a one-stop shop for data and information on the infrastructure industry. It seeks to be a "Go To" place for any questions on the Infrastructure industry.
Towards this end, it would leverage the in-house knowledge and skills within the faculty at ISB as well as its partner institutions abroad, in addition to forging additional partnerships with leading institutions abroad in the transport, energy, urban and real estate sectors.