Inter Campus exchange

In order to encourage cross-learning and increase networking across the campuses, there will be an inter-campus exchange programme during Term 3, and during the elective terms. Through a transparent process, an equal number of students from each campus will have the opportunity to swap their starting locations to other campus. There will not be inter campus exchange in the cross over term.

Programme Structure for the class of 2019 across Hyderabad and Mohali

Core Term 1Leadership, Analytical and Functional coursesBoth 
Core Term 2Leadership, Analytical and Functional coursesBoth 
Core Term 3Leadership, Analytical and Functional coursesBothTerm 3 will have campus exchange option between Hyderabad & Mohali
Cross over Term 4Leadership, Analytical and Functional courses 
Elective Courses
Elective Terms: 5, 6, 7 & 8Marketing MajorBothTerm 5 to Term 8 will have a Campus Exchange option available between Hyderabad and Mohali
Finance MajorBoth
Strategy & Leadership MajorBoth
Information and Technology Management MajorBoth
Operations Management MajorBoth
Entrepreneurship MajorBoth
Healthcare MajorBoth
Infrastructure  MajorBoth
Manufacturing MajorBoth
Public PolicyBoth