Learning Goals

The Post Graduate Programme (PGP) has five key learning objectives, which are embedded in the curriculum and pedagogy. These objectives help in providing a holistic learning experience to the students. Following are the learning goals of the Post Graduate Programme in Management:

Interpersonal Awareness and Working in Teams
Each student shall demonstrate an ability to work effectively in a team, exhibiting behaviour that reflects an understanding of the importance of individual roles and tasks, and the ability to manage conflict and compromise, so that team goals are achieved.

Critical and Integrative Thinking
Each student shall be able to identify key issues in a business setting, develop a perspective that is supported with relevant information and integrative thinking, to draw and assess conclusions.

Awareness of Global Issues Affecting Business
Each student shall be able to identify key relevant global factors, and be able to analyse the impact of the global environment on business issues, as compared with domestic factors.

Effective Oral Communication
Each student shall be able to communicate verbally in an organised, clear, and persuasive manner, and be a responsive listener.

Ethical Responsibility
Each student shall be able to identify ethical issues, understand the impact of a particular issue on various stakeholders, and become ethically responsible business managers that positively impact businesses and society today.