Entrepreneur & Family Business


At the Indian School of Business (ISB), ISB Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE) and PGP projects offer comprehensive guidance to potential entrepreneurs among the students – from idea evaluation to enterprise creation.
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Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture (PaEV)

PaEV is a single-credit practicum course of 16 weeks duration from Term 3 to Term 5, which will be considered as a Term 7 elective. You will learn to prepare business plans in ten classroom sessions and a few guided sessions. Team size is limited to three or four members. This course provides an exciting introduction to entrepreneurship and new-venture creation. It equips you with conceptual frameworks for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities, evaluating techno-commercial attractiveness for investment, and launching a new venture. The course modules are designed such that you are able to understand and apply the techniques and processes that can be used to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and prepare a realistic business plan based on your ideas. The class size for PaEV is restricted to 120 students. Selection is based on your presentation of entrepreneurial ideas.


Make as Much as You Can

Each team gets start-up money, which needs to be returned by all teams at the end of the programme. You are given the mandate to create wealth innovatively in one week using this capital, in full or in part. While you will not be allowed to put in money from any other source, you will be allowed to reinvest the money you earn. You can take up any legitimate activity to create wealth. 

Entrepreneurs Development Initiative (EDI)

This is an incubation programme to help ISB graduates create and sustain their own ventures. The programme facilitates the following:

  • Helps in development and review of the business plan
  • Provides initial financial support to set up and operate the business
  • Provides mentoring and business resources from ICE, ISB and industry experts
  • Provides access to networking opportunities with other new business owners
ELP-Student Entrepreneurship Project (ELP-STEP)

STEP is an Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) project that has been created for the benefit of entrepreneurs in the batch who can gain value for their enterprise. Student teams of 4-5 members address specific business issues similar to other ELP projects. This two-credit course follows all the guidelines of ELP. Student entrepreneurs are the ‘Clients’ and therefore, cannot be part of the team. They can, however, be part of another ELP student team for a different client. The ELP fee is waived for these projects. For eligibility, enterprises have to be operational and the student entrepreneur should be actively involved in the functioning of the business in the capacity of proprietor/partner. Student entrepreneurs are required to send in their project briefs as per timelines shared by PGP Projects. Final selection of projects is at the discretion of the PGP Projects department. Family businesses will not be considered for STEP.