Career Progression

As a part of Indian School of Business (ISB),  you get to evolve in your career with introspection and self-discovery.

You can move up the ladder in your function, domain or industry towards more challenging roles. Learning and Development (L&D) facilitates this career progression by helping you to reflect on the choices you have made.

At the beginning of the academic session, L&D will help in analysing your career objectives based on your profile, i.e your professional background and where you wish to go-function, role and industry at the end of your journey with ISB. The bridge-building is done with a very involved one-on-one dialogue. L&D gives you an understanding of the thought process that goes into career planning and handholds you to discover opportunities given your educational and professional backgrounds, qualifications and experiences. It familiarises you with career opportunities that are available to you before your zone into a permanent career choice.

Career progression over years:

 % Industry shift% Function shift

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Professional Clubs:
Formed by functional interest areasand driven by the students of ISB, Clubs here serve to increase exposure and learning opportunities. It can help you in different ways. For example, if you are a marketing professional and would like to move up the value chain in the same function you can play two roles in this club: You can undertake active participation in the functioning of the club by being on its working council. You can use the resources available to make informed decisions on marketing careers by using tools necessary to build successful careers in marketing. Through the clubs, you can gain exposure to cutting-edge trends within the marketing industry, increase industry exposure and knowledge on a wide range of relevant topicsand equip members with the right tools to harness their potential and excel during placement interviews. ICON Projects: ICON (Internal Consulting) projects are consulting assignments given out by departments at the ISB. These are real world problems faced by the departments. Those with expertise and interest in that particular area are invited to study the problems, do their analysis and provide solutions. This helpsyou to stay in touch with the industry and learn about or create new best practices during the course of the year.