To reward exceptional PGP applicants and to support deserving candidates with limited financial resources, the Indian School of Business awards several tuition fee waivers. The scholarships are awarded to candidates during admission or after enrolment, at the discretion of the AdCom or the corporate donor.

The ISB funded tuition waivers include corporate and donor-funded scholarships. These waivers are awarded at the time of admission. The following are the broad categories of waivers:
  1. Merit Waivers: Awarded based on the overall weighted scores at the end of the selection process. Up to 40 scholarships varying from INR 5 Lakhs to full tuition fee are awarded to eligible candidates at the discretion of the Adcom.
  2. Need-Based Waivers: ISB and Corporate donors’ together award up to 40 scholarships of INR 5 Lakhs each to deserving candidates whose family income is not more than INR 12 Lakhs (including applicant’s pre-ISB income). Candidates have to submit an essay and proof of income to be eligible for the need-based waiver
  3. ISB Merit by Diversity: ISB believes that diversity enriches the learning experience both inside and outside the Class. To encourage students with diverse profiles ISB gives scholarships of INR 5 Lakhs to up to 10 students.
  4. AIESEC – ISB Waivers: Up to 3 scholarships of INR 5 Lakhs are given to AIESECers. An essay needs to be submitted for the same.
  5. International Diversity: ISB offers up to 30 scholarships of varying amounts to deserving international students.
  6. Bridge to India: This scholarship is given to Indian origin students currently working abroad, who plan to move back to India. INR 5 – 10 Lakhs scholarships are awarded to up to 5 students. Eligible students would have to submit an essay for the same.

The following are the scholarships given to students after the PGP admission offers are rolled out:
  1. Citi Scholarships: Citi bank awards 4 merit scholarships of INR 7.5 Lacs each, two for Citi employees and two for students with an interest in financial services. An essay needs to be submitted basis which Citi bank would select the candidate.
  2. Ramesh C. Khanna Nurture India Scholarship: This need- based scholarship of INR 5 Lacs is instituted by Amit Khanna, alumnus, and Founder, Phoenix Holdings and is awarded to students who are the sole earning members in their families. An essay needs to be submitted, basis which the donor would select the candidate.
  3. PGPMAX Co 2012 Scholarship:  Sponsored by the Alumni of PGPMAX Class of 2012, this need-based scholarship of INR 5 Lacs is awarded to applicants coming from social sector. The applicants will have to submit an essay on giving back to the society, basis which the awardee would be selected.
  4. Bajaj Auto Scholar: Bajaj Auto sponsors three merit-based scholarships. The awardee of this scholarship is known as “Bajaj Auto Scholar”.
  5. D’décor Scholarship: D’décor provides a platform to financially support students from PGP programme by awarding four need-based/merit-based tuition waivers.
  6. Hilti Scholarship: Hilti India Pvt. Ltd has instituted four tuition waivers to the students from PGP programme of which two are female students.  
  7. Jagannath Arora Scholarship: Neeraj Arora, alumnus of PGP Class of 2006 sponsors a need- based scholarship in the name of his father Mr. Jagannath Arora. The awardee of this scholarship is known as Jagannath Arora Scholar.
  8. Visiting faculty Scholarship: The visiting faculty scholarship is awarded to an international student of PGP programme every year.
  9. Shapoorji Pallonji Scholarship: Shapoorji Pallonji sponsors a need-based/merit-based tuition wavier to student of PGP programme.   
  10. Aditya Shembekar Scholarship: As a commemorative gesture, the alumni of PGP Class of 2013, Aditya’s family and friends instituted a scholarship known as Aditya Shemberkar scholarship which is awarded to a student of PGP programme every year.
  11. Anonymous Donors: The donors have sponsored need-based scholarships for PGP programme.
  12. Alumni Endowment Fund Scholarship: The Alumni Endowment Scholarship awards two merit-based scholarships to the students of PGP programme every year.
  13. Deepak Parayanken Scholarship: Deepak Parayanken, alumnus of PGP Class of 2011 sponsors two merit-based scholarships.
  14. AT&T Scholarship: AT&T Global Network Services has instituted two tuition waivers to the students of PGP programme of which one will be a female student.
  15. Lakshya Scholarship for Women: Bharat Forge Limited has instituted Lakshya Scholarship for Women to financially support the student of PGP programme every year.
  16. Aakash Tuition Grant: Aakash Chaudhry, alumnus of PGP Class of 2004, has instituted a need /merit-based scholarship for PGP Programme.

The following scholarship is given to graduating students of ISB (write to for more deatils):

  1. ISB’s Develop India Scholarship: This scholarship has been instituted by the school to help graduating students of ISB venturing into social impact start-ups, Non-Profit / NGO and Development sector or are returning back to PSU/Govt Sector. 


  • All applicants are considered for Merit scholarships by default.
  • All tuition waivers will be adjusted against the payable tuition fee and will not be disbursed directly to the student. 
  • Each applicant will be eligible to receive only one of the tuition waivers. 
  • The information provided aims to be accurate as far as possible at the time of publication. The School reserves the right to add, withdraw or modify any of the criteria, amount and count for all the tuition waivers cited above at any time.