Inside India Programme

ISB launches the 'Inside India' Programme-an immersive experience into Indian business and culture.

Through this programme, you will get an understanding of the emerging market realities, as well as of the nuances of culture and consumer behaviour, for some of the best international EMBA programmes. Each of these programmes is custom designed, keeping in mind the specific needs of the partner business school, and explores the following areas:

Growth in India
India, with its rising middle-class population, is poised to be one of the largest markets in the near future. The key to unlock this market potential can be a strategic competitive advantage to your organisation.

The Inside India programme, with its unique blend of academic learning and practitioners’ insights, will provide you with the toolkit to lead in the Indian market. You will also learn to appreciate the underlying market forces and apply the learning to other emerging market situations. Some of the global companies that have partnered with ISB for this programme include Ericsson, Legrand and Areva.

Understanding domestic policy
The growing economic, military and diplomatic power has made India a key player in the global arena. Hence, it is imperative for western policymakers, regulators and decision makers to understand the socio-political realities of India. The Inside India immersion programme provides a holistic overview of the Indian context as well as specific insights into policy and regulatory issues as required.  

Expatriates in India
Indian companies, as well as multinationals, are increasingly seeking out expatriate talent to manage business challenges. However, it takes more than just functional skill to succeed in leadership roles in India. Understanding the Indian context, culture and business realities are equally important for delivering effective results. Inside India can act as an induction programme for the expatriates in your organisation.

To understand better how the programme can help your talent and organisation, do get in touch with us.