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Wild, Wild East: Business Strategies for Growth Economies

“India will record 60-70% growth over the next 5 to 7 years,” according to Indian School of Business Dean Rajendra Srivastava. The first webinar of the India Inside Thought Leadership Series offered many crisp nuggets of wisdom on doing business in emerging markets.

Welcome to the India Inside Thought Leadership Series. Why, in your opinion, is India becoming increasingly important?

Rajendra Srivastava: There are of course multiple answers to this question. First, we are one of the fastest growing economies. We are also the largest economy. The excitement about India is because it is a growth market. To place it in context, last year the growth rate in India’s airline industry was 23.4%. By contrast, China was 10.7% and US was 3.1%. Despite 2017 being a relatively slow year, the Indian automotive market grew at 13.7%. So, the size of the market provides the opportunity. If one waits by the side lines thinking that India is too risky to venture into, then by the time one enters into this market, there will be incumbents. It is better for companies to enter India at the inception rather than at the time when the incumbents are already present and they have to chase them out. Read more...