Research Spotlight

Research Associates from ISB join top global PhD programmes.

Around 30 scholars have received admission into doctoral programmes in prestigious universities worldwide in the last two years. This year, the schools that have accepted ISB associates include Columbia University; Kellogg School of Management; INSEAD, Singapore ; Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina; Georgia Institute of Technology; NYU Stern School of Business; University of Texas at Austin; Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University; and Goizueta Business School, Emory University.

In a ceremony to felicitate the scholars, Professor Sanjay Kallapur congratulated the candidates and commended their dedication towards research. Reflecting on ISB’s success in inculcating research discipline among scholars, he said with pride that many research and academic associates from ISB are now faculty in some of the world’s best schools such as Columbia, Wharton and Duke. “Our School is well-geared for guiding students in their research programme and takes pride in their progress. We give them the opportunity but they need to have the fire from within.” Considering that there is a dearth of good quality faculty in business schools in India (Please refer to ISBInsight Volume 10 Issue 4, Filling the Gaps in our Shortage of Qualified Teachers), this makes the achievements of the associates even more significant.

In a brief speech that brought to the fore the patience and dedication that an academic career entails, Professor Sridhar Seshadri, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Research, stressed that an academic profession is a deliberate choice. “You have to be committed to research and it takes a decade or so to produce good quality research. You can’t give up,” he advised.  

The entire research fraternity appreciated the guidance from their advisors. Research Associate Deepak Jena, who will begin his doctoral programme at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, was mentored by Professor Raveendra Chittoor. Jena, who has helped the professor in his studies on ranking the transnational corporations in India, expressed his gratitude to his advisor and thanked him for helping him transition into the research field. Research Associate Priyank Arora from the PGP Class of 2012, who will pursue his PhD in Operations Management at Georgia Institute of Technology, paid a glowing tribute to his advisor and the faculty at ISB. “I owe a large part of my acceptance to a fantastic PhD programme to the professors with whom I worked with in ISB. They helped me at each stage of the research work – helping me develop research abilities, assisting me to perform in-depth analysis, motivating me to stretch my limits and inspiring me into achieving excellence. The healthy and productive environment provided by the entire Operations Management faculty is something that I would not have got anywhere else, especially Professor Milind Sohoni, who guided me at every step along the way. He was always there to answer my doubts and concerns and gave me ample opportunities to expand my knowledge,” he said.

The celebration ended with optimism as speakers encouraged more researchers to strive for an academic career and enrich the world research ecosystem.