Research Spotlight

Professor Snehal Awate chosen as finalist for prestigious AIB Dissertation Award, 2014

Snehal Awate, Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Indian School of Business (ISB) has been chosen as a finalist for the 2014 Peter J. Buckley and Mark Casson AIB Dissertation Award. Professor Awate’s doctoral dissertation titled, “Trajectory of innovation in emerging industries: Evidence from the global wind power industry” submitted at the Department of Strategy, Fox School of Business, Temple University is among a list of five international finalists chosen for the prestigious award.
Professor Awate’s dissertation unpacks "innovation" along its basic dimensions, viz. that of technological, geographical, and people in order to study how these dimensions interact among each other to define the course or trajectory of innovation. In analysing the global wind power industry, a rapidly evolving innovation-intensive emerging industry, her study looks at innovation at two levels - location-level and firm-level.

The AIB Dissertation Award recognises the joint importance of the environment of international business and the nature of the multinational enterprise. The award is designed to reward superior doctoral dissertations in the field of international business. Professor Awate will present her research at the AIB Annual Conference to be held in Vancouver, Canada between June 23-26, 2014. The winner of the award will receive a plaque and an additional scholarship award.
This academic achievement has also earned Professor Awate a membership nomination to the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honour Society.  Beta Gamma Sigma membership is the highest scholastic honour that can be achieved by a student in a school of business internationally.
At the ISB, Professor Awate teaches the elective course on global strategic management. Her research focuses on the intersection of strategic management and international business. Particularly, she explores firms' knowledge management strategies in newly emerging industries such as renewable energy. Her current research examines firms' innovation networks by employing multi-modal network analyses to patent data. Her research has appeared in the Global Strategy Journal and annual conferences hosted by the Strategic Management Society, Academy of International Business, and Academy of Management.