Research Spotlight

Celebrities do have a responsibility

The recent recommendations from a parliamentary committee, that has proposed to impose hefty fines on celebrities featuring in misleading ads, has ignited frenetic debate on questions of accountability of the celebrity endorsers. For better or for worse, all types of products and services imaginable are today endorsed by these societal icons, be it film stars or sports personalities. 
Extensive research by Manish Gangwar, Assistant Professor, Marketing, at the Indian School of Business (ISB), reveals why celebrity endorsement is a matter of concern. Celebrity endorsement has come into the spotlight in India with controversies over products endorsed by well-known personalities, not too long back. This is more of an issue in emerging markets like India because of the high credibility and the demigod status that celebrities carry. This phenomenon stems from the fact that power distance, or the acceptance of unequally distributed power, is high in countries like India. Read more