Research Spotlight

Bollywood, Apps and Pharma: Innovation and Intellectual Property in India

The Indian School of Business hosted a conference on Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition on 30 March 2018 to discuss a roadmap for innovation-led growth in India.

Globally, there is an emerging consensus that innovation drives economies to achieve higher levels of growth. Yet, India’s spending on research and development (R&D) in terms of percentage of GDP over the last two decades has remained at just above 0.5%. As the Economic Survey 2017-18 notes, these numbers lie far below leading nations such as the United States (US), China, South Korea and Israel. How can India break through this stagnation in its R&D and innovation ecosystem? How can it create products that do well in India and global markets, while creating wealth and value for all stakeholders, whether entrepreneurs or consumers? What is the role of intellectual property in this journey?

To address these questions, the Indian School of Business (ISB) organised a conference in New Delhi on 30 March 2018. The goal of the ‘Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition’ conference (IIPC for short) was to bring policymakers, academics, industry experts, entrepreneurs and students of innovation on one platform to generate a solution-oriented dialogue. The keynote address was followed by four panel discussions. Each panel comprised experts and stakeholders across platforms. Read more>>