Research Spotlight

Academic and Research Associates Felicitated

Academic and research associates at the Indian School of Business were recently felicitated for their committed efforts and constant support to the School and its Faculty in furthering research and innovation. The felicitation was also to commend their successful admission to various PhD programmes across the globe including London Business School, University of Texas at Austin, MIT Sloan School of Management, among other top-ranked institutions.  
Speaking at the event, Sayali Phadke, Research Associate with the Applied Statistics and Computing Lab and who would be proceeding to the Pennsylvania State University to join the PhD programme in Statistics, said, “The Faculty and Research team has been instrumental in providing me this wonderful opportunity to explore the realms of academic research. The experience here will provide me an ideal stepping board to further my research work.” “The learning experience while working with the top faculty on various academic and research activities is unparalleled. The LRC and other research enabling infrastructure along with the encouragement and motivation from the professors helped me tremendously in my preparations,” added Suman Chattopadhyay, Academic Associate, who would be joining the PhD programme in Accounting at the Emory University.  
The ISB since its inception has successfully pioneered and established itself as a leading research-oriented institution in India. To further this vision the ISB nurtures and creates a vibrant environment that encourages research, innovation and new learning. The ISB boasts of a strong pool of research-oriented resident faculty supported by highly talented and competent academic and research associates. Apart from assisting the faculty with their classes and evaluation, they are also closely involved in various research projects with the faculty in bringing out key reports and furthering the boundaries of knowledge in their respective areas of specialisation.
Academic and research associates have over the years been key contributors to the School in fulfilling its mission of creating and disseminating research knowledge. Inherently, they play a critical role in the vibrant research ecosystem at the School. Over the last 4 years over 50 academic and research associates from the ISB have been selected to top-ranked PhD programmes across the globe. The ISB is proud of their achievements and wish them the very best in their academic endeavours.