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States and ISB moot body to improve governance

May 25, 2015: The Indian School of Business (ISB) with campuses at Mohali and Hyderabad, today announced that a group of state governments will set up a Learning Alliance of States (LAS) with ISB to improve governance and to share best practices in public policy among other things.
Mooted, at a national roundtable on State-level Government Performance Management, held under the aegis of the Bharti Institute of Public Policy (BIPP) at the ISB, the LAS will bring together public policy experts and practitioners from around the globe, including educational institutes working in the area.  LAS will be a platform for members to improve and execute performance measurement for governments. Over 60 current and former senior government officials, including from Bhutan and Maldives, participated in the roundtable which was inaugurated by Dr. Bibek Debroy, member Niti Ayog.
Making the announcement, Dr. Prajapati Trivedi, Senior Fellow (Governance), Bharti Institute & Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, ISB, said, “The Bharti Institute at ISB is proud to lead the initiative of Learning Alliance of States (LAS) which has been established to bring state and local governments, experts, senior policy makers, closer to encourage knowledge and experience sharing to improve policy making and in turn make a bigger impact on the lives of people with the same resources.”
Inaugurating the roundtable earlier, Dr. Bibek Debroy, member Niti Ayog said, “We not only need to pay attention to G to B, but also focus on G to G transactions.“ He went to emphasise the need for further devolution of power and the critical role that District magistrates can play in the development process. The proposed Learning Alliance of States will focus on these and other issues to help Niti Aayog achieve its new vision.
Sharing his views, Pradeep Singh, CEO Mohali campus and Deputy Dean, ISB, said, “ISB has the competitive and comparative advantage to create and nurture the Learning Alliance of States.  LAS is an idea whose time has come and such an Alliance will be in keeping with the Federal structure of our system of governance.”
About Learning Assessment Systems (LAS)
The LAS will be set up in association with the Bharti Institute of Public Policy at the ISB’s Mohali campus. Among other things it will focus on:
  • Peer-to-peer exchange of best practices and techniques to devise solutions.
  • Develop a shared repertoire of public policy related resources among states.
  • Promote collaboration leading to enhanced government performance management in states.
  • Creation of communities of practices on areas of public policies relevant for states.
  • Undertake research on public policy issues identified by states.
LAS will comprise a Leadership team, an Advisory Group and a Secretariat. Members will include the state nominated ‘Knowledge Officers’, public policy experts and practitioners from around the globe, leading educational institutes working in the area of public policy world-wide as its members.