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First group of 196 students from the Class of 2013 Graduate from ISB’s Mohali Campus

Successful culmination of the ISB’s ‘One School, Two campus’ approach
Mohali, April 6, 2013: The Indian School of Business (ISB)today hosted the first Graduation Day at its campus in Mohali as 196 enthusiastic students from the PGP (Post Graduate Programme in Management) of the Class of 2013 took flight. The Chief Guest on the occasion, Kishore Mahbubani, Dean and Professor in the Practice of Public Policy, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, awarded the certificates to the students in the presence of Adi Godrej, Chairman of the ISB Board, Ajit Rangnekar, Dean, ISB, members of the ISB Executive Board, faculty and staff of the ISB, friends and family of the graduating students, and others members of the community.
Ajit Rangnekar, Dean, ISB, led the ceremonial procession, with the Chairman, Chief Guest, faculty, board members and the students walking down the atrium. The ISB campus was brimming with energy reflecting the sense of anticipation among the students wearing the blue and black ceremonial graduation regalia, waiting to receive their graduation certificates.
Addressing the students, Ajit Rangnekar, Dean, ISB wished the graduating class the very best and advised them to be ready to face the challenges of the real world and attune themselves to create an impact on the society. He was appreciative of the support of the ISB community in giving shape to the one School two campus philosophy.
The Chief Guest Kishore Mahbubani expressed his happiness on being a part of the first Graduation Day at the Mohali campus and gave away the special awards and Graduation Certificates to the 197 students of Co2013. Pride and joy filled the air with families and friends cheering the students as they went onstage to receive their certificates. Shwaitang Singh was presented the ‘ISB Scholar of Excellence’ award in recognition of his demonstrated record of outstanding academic achievement throughout the programme. Ashvini Jakhar was awarded the ‘Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Leadership’ for displaying exceptional all-round excellence. Joining these achievers were 80 students who made it to the Dean’s list comprising top 10% of the class and 102 students who were chosen as ISB Young Leaders and Torch Bearers.
In return, students honoured members with the ‘Professor of the Year’ award for excellence in teaching. Professor Madan Pillutla was chosen “Professor of the Year for Core Courses’ and Professor Louis Thomas, the “Professor of the Year for Elective Courses” by students at the Mohali campus. Students also chose Praveen JN as the “Academic Associate of the Year 2012-13”
Class of 2013 - Class of initiatives and accomplishments
The Class of 2013 played an important role in giving shape to the ISB’s philosophy of one school, two campuses. Students from Mohali and Hyderabad campuses worked actively to ensure a seamless integration of various activities.
The integrated placements was another outstanding achievement as students supported the school in having a unified, campus neutral placements process in place. The first phase of the placements was held at Mohali and thereafter at Hyderabad.
Inter campus exchange, virtual learning and new initiatives marked the year, as students worked on enriching their learning experience and demonstrating leadership in thought and action as they organized conferences/ sessions, consulted companies through  90  ELP projects and hosted several business leaders throughout the year. Some of the notable achievements were
  • The renowned Graduate Business Conference was held in India for the first time, led by ISB students.  Student heads from 36 leading b Schools across 15 countries participated in the event. A highlight of the event was the award and a grant won by two ISB students recommended by this global body.
  • ISB students trained over 140 NGO staff across Mohali, Pune and Hyderabad, through Diffusion – a workshop designed to impart latest management practices and instilling entrepreneurial skills to help them to scale up and make an impact through their activates. 
  • Around 75 students from the Net Impact Club worked on 16 voluntary consulting projects to help NGOs in solving some of their issues. Team Rare Earth Foundation won the “Best Probono Project of the Year Award”.
  • Ashvini Jakhar, President of the Graduate Student Board at the Mohali campus, won the prestigious ‘Global Student Leadership Award’ awarded by the Graduate Business Forum (GBF). He was selected from among nominees of the 50 top B schools across the world.
  • The GBF also made a grant to Harita Vinnakota and the Operations and Sustainability Council team from ISB, to fund their effort of spearheading energy saving initiatives among B schools in India. This initiative helped in conserving energy and water by almost 10% for the school.  
  • The Women in Business Club at the ISB hosted eminent women leaders at a TEDxWomen event in collaboration with the TEDxWomen event at Washington DC.
  • Aikya at the ISB was instrumental in building strong relationships between the ISB students and the leading families from the Tri city region.
  • More than 140 students brought laurels to the school by winning several competitions
Class Gift
Students at the Mohali campus have contributed to the building of a Sports Lounge on the campus as a part of the ISB tradition of giving back to the school and its people.
The ceremony ended with the ceremonial hat toss by the graduating students signifying the culmination of a year full of learning, growth, self development and fun and one could see both joyous and poignant moments as the students bonded with each other one last time before the day ended.
ISB Global Alumni Network
With the graduation of the Class of 2013 of the PGP, the ISB brand is now represented by a 5200+ strong alumni network which is spread across 32 countries. The school also has over 350+ alumni entrepreneurs running their ventures across sectors and a large number of alumni hailing from family businesses. This network is further strengthened by the presence of 23,000+ alumni of the Executive Educational programmes. The ISB is committed to the continuous development of its alumni through the life-long learning programmes combined with career development and support activities.
Chartering the growth story
Continuing its journey of successes, the ISB entered its second phase of growth with the setting up of the Mohali campus last year. On April 14, 2012, the school welcomed the 761 students of the Class of 2013 of the PGP, which is being delivered concurrently at two locations – Hyderabad (564 students) and Mohali (197 students). The school functions as one unified entity with a seamless integration across two campuses. 
The Graduation Day at the Hyderabad campus will be held on Sunday, April 7, 2013 and the school will host Ramchandra Guha, noted historian, writer and biographer ( Environmental, Social, Political & Cricket), Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs at the London School of Economics (LSE)  and Padma Bhushan recipient as the Chief Guest.
Quote Sheet:
Kishore Mahbubani, the Chief Guest shared his views and advised the students, “Start with humble beginnings and they will help you go far in life. Once you get there, continue to remain humble.” He added, “ISB has proved that you can take a piece of land, build world class infrastructure there and transform it into a top global B school. I am similarly optimistic about India’s capabilities.”

Adi Godrej, Chairman ISB, also added, “I urge you to channel your energies and abilities towards building a better society and finding economically viable solutions to today’s challenges. And in that process, change the world for the better. You have shown great entrepreneurial spirit, keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive, and take on entrepreneurial roles – be it in your own businesses or in organizations that you work.”

Addressing the students, Ajit Rangnekar, Dean ISB, said “As you step out today, I want to remind you that this is only the first step in a new phase of your career, and the first year of your lifelong association with ISB. Our alumni have set a proud record of success in the industry and as entrepreneurs, and I expect you to build on that. You now have two campuses to call your home, and I want you to keep coming back regularly.  Stay connected with your alma mater. Go forth, as proud ambassadors of your school and always, always stay true to your values.”