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Deo, Sarang
Sarang Deo is Associate Professor of Operations Management at the Indian School of Business. His primary area of interest is health care operations with special emphasis on investigating the impact of operations decisions on population level health outcomes. He has studied the influenza vaccine supply chain and the phenomenon of ambulance diversion (in the US), the adult HIV treatment supply chains and the infant HIV diagnosis networks in sub-Saharan Africa, and more recently the TB diagnosis pathway in rural India.
Areas of expertise: Healthcare Operations, Healthcare delivery systems Know More
Mani, Deepa
Deepa Mani is an Associate Professor in the Information Systems group at the Indian School of Business. She is the faculty coordinator for the IBM Research Collaboratory in service science at ISB. Professor Mani’s research interests are at the intersection of technology, organization, and society. She is interested in studying the impact of technology on organization of economic activity, including firm boundary decisions, and the impact of such organization on firm value and economic productivity. Her  research articles have been published in leading journals such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Sloan Management Review and MIS Quarterly Executive.
Areas of expertise: Financial Value of IT, Technological Innovation, Organization of IT Know More
Singh, Siddharth S.

Siddharth S. Singh is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Indian School of Business. Dr. Singh heads the doctoral programme at ISB, called the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM), as its first Director.
Areas of expertise: Marketing related topics such as marketing strategy, online customer communities, marketing analytics, customer equity/customer lifetime value, product returns, loyalty programmes, database marketing, and market segmentation etc.

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