Media Coverage Archives | March 03, 2013 Fat tails have a tale to tellResearchers at our Centre for Investment share their observations about the sigma events in the world markets.
HT Mint | February 28, 2013 Much more needs to be doneWe have to recognize that the effect of infrastructure investments on economic growth does not manifest itself contemporaneously says Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian
HT Mint | February 27, 2013 An advantage in danger of vanishingThe Economic Survey highlights problems in encashing India’s most important asset: its demographic dividend says Professor K Subramanian.
Mint | February 18, 2013 Foreign investors are welcomeMint carries an article titled Foreign investors are welcome co authored by Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian and Rajkamal Vasu.
The Economic Times | February 14, 2013 Why taxing the rich more is inefficientProfessor K Subramanian talks about the efficacy of the Finance Minister's proposal to levy greater taxes on the rich.
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