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Workshop aims to Strengthen Women Entrepreneurs

September 18, 2012:What are the essential elements needed for running a successful venture?Around 30 women entrepreneurs from Hyderabad attended a workshop at the ISB to learn about how they could incorporate valuable lessons from negotiations, marketing, accounts and finance into their businesses. This workshop was organised by ISB’s Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (WCED) in association with the US Consulate General, Hyderabad.

The women entrepreneurs selected for the workshop presented a diverse set of professions – from artists to dentists and manufacturers of plastics and distributors of industrial steam boilers. The participants were unanimous in their appreciation of how the workshop increased their confidence levels. They also felt more empowered after attending sessions on Accounting and Finance, Growth Strategies and Negotiation. Artist and co-owner of Daira Art Gallery, Atiya Amjad was particularly grateful for the accounting session, “I needed help with accounts. I have never been organised and have always worked in chaos. Documentation eludes me. This was very helpful.” Some participants had identified and isolated the elements that would help them in their businesses. Usha Rani, whose company manufactures HDPE bottles used in agro, chemical and related industries was sure that she would use the “CDE chain application in her company to improve the customer base and thereby increase the sales.” For Amjad, the session on negotiation helped reaffirm her faith in her negotiation skills, a strength that she did not know she possessed. “I did not know how to prepare before I met a client. Considering that my negotiation skills also impact the artists that I work with, it is important that I prepare before I meet prospective clients. I realised through this workshop that I do have negotiation skills but I have learnt how to be prepared so that both parties can benefit from negotiations.” Professor Dishan Kamdar of the ISB presented the session on negotiation while Professor Kavil Ramachandran also from ISB taught the session on strategy. The session on accounting was presented by Professor Mubeen Rafat of the Administrative Staff College of India.

Women entrepreneurs are often expected to meet their familial obligations in addition to their entrepreneurial work. In such circumstances, this workshop “helped me distribute my work according to priority,” felt Shaheda Begum, whose company, S K Enterprises supplies industrial steam boilers.