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US Ambassador to India visits ISB

United States Ambassador to India, Kenneth I Juster visited the Mohali campus of The Indian School of Business during his visit to the Chandigarh /Punjab. Mr. Juster was joined by the ISB staff, students and entrepreneurs from the tri-city area.

Following the ISB tradition, Ambassador planted a sapling just like his predecessors, followed by a campus tour where he got a brief overview of the history of the Indian School of Business. Post then he joined the students of the flagship Post Graduate Program in Management and select entrepreneurs from the tri-city area for a working lunch.

Ambassador engaged in the discussion with the students over various topics, including issues like strengthening of Indo-US relations through education, how the private sector needs to play a bigger role in pushing India ahead and that the government of India needs to facilitate the growth by reducing the barriers to business. He was also keen to know that what had made ISB students come back to studies after having a career.

With the entrepreneurs he also discussed about the ways to ensure that the ease of doing business is there between the two countries.

He was intrigued to know about the history of Chandigarh’s few sectors that have been designed based on American sub urban blocks. He was specially interested in it, as his father was an architect and had visited Chandigarh in 1980’s to study Le Corbusier. He was also interested about the Masters in Public Policy Programme offered by the Indian School of Business’s Bharati Institute of Public Policy and remarked how it was not very different from the course he undertook at the Harvard’s Kennedy School of Governance. He also expressed that India should consider engaging its bureaucracy with the private sector business, for them to see the other side of policy making.

The interaction ended with exchange of souvenirs and the Ambassador also took a selfie with students at the Indian School of Business.  

Author: Shreyas Habbu, Class of 2019