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The British High Commissioner to India visits our Hyderabad campus

The British High Commissioner to India, Sir Dominic Asquith KCMG, visited our Hyderabad campus on May 7, 2019. This was his first visit to the Hyderabad campus. The High Commissioner and his office have had several interactions with ISB on numerous occasions.

During his visit to our Hyderabad campus, Sir Dominic interacted with Dean Rajendra Srivastava and other faculty members. He also addressed the Class of 2020 on several aspects of economic diplomacy related to UK-India partnerships.

In his conversations, the High Commissioner suggested that the spectrum of shared interests between Britain and India is vast and can be explored at countless levels. He was accompanied by Andrew Fleming, British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad and his team.

British High Commissioner addresses PGP Class of 2020 of ISB

The discussions involved India and UK sorting for investment opportunities in each other and are moving towards progress with each other. On the one hand, UK is one of the largest G-20 countries to have invested largely in India, and on the other, of the total investment of India in EU, 40% is invested in the UK.

British business interests in India span a broad spectrum, both in terms of firms – with several medium-sized businesses taking their place alongside larger companies to do successful business – and sectors, with India attracting investment from industry to services. India holds large size and higher growth potential of the market, easy availability of talented workers and a stable political system, which makes India a promising country to invest in for the British. Several UK companies in India have invested 60% of their profit back in India.

Earlier this year, on March 29, alumni from ISB’s various programmes – PGP, PGPMAX, PGPMFAB, PGPpro, AMPPP – interacted with Sir Dominic in New Delhi. He invited the group of ISB alumni for discussions on ‘UKā”€India ties – Brexit and Beyond’ and to discuss elements that help strengthen international relationships.

British High Commisioner invite ISB alumni to Delhi

ISB has also hosted the Young Thinkers’ Conference 2018 both on its Hyderabad and Mohali campus in association with the British Deputy High Commission of Hyderabad and Mohali, respectively.

The conferences brought together the best and brightest experts and young thinkers to discuss a range of issues. The theme of the Hyderabad edition was ‘Women in Leadership – Benefits and Barriers’, and the Mohali edition was had discussions on various topics – climate change and energy security, youth and politics, the truth behind fake news.

We are glad to have worked with the British High Commissioner office on numerous occasions since Sir Dominic’s first visit to our Mohali campus in 2016.