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Speed = Success, in today’s world

If you do not operate at the speed of your market, customers and competitors, you will fail, was the cryptic warning from John G Rice, Vice Chairman, GE.
“We live in a world where deadlines and speed matter. If we are not fast enough, our competition will overtake us”, the Hong Kong-based head of GE’s global operations told students of the Compliance Management Programme at ISB’s Mohali campus recently. 

Accompanied by his South Asia leadership team – Banmali Agrawala, President and CEO, GE South Asia, and Nalin Jain, President and CEO, South Asia, GE Transportation and GE Aviation, who incidentally is also an ISB alumnus, Rice was visiting ISB’s Mohali campus where he spoke on “Growing with Values”.

Welcoming the GE leadership Pradeep Singh, Deputy Dean & CEO Mohali Campus, ISB, highlighted the School’s commitment to become an agent of change, progress and engagement. This, he said, would be achieved by solving problems and making an impact while working with the government, industry and the community.

Banmali Agrawala spoke about the significance of the Compliance Management Programme and said:  “GE is happy to partner with ISB and CII to offer this programme, which will benefit the industry and the economy.” He further added that compliance is very crucial for doing business the right way.

John Rice spoke at length on topics such as qualities of a true leader and the need for compliance in the 21st century. Describing what it takes to be a good leader he said, a true leader is one who is curious, open and passionate about learning; one who is not arrogant, has the ability to lead multiple and diverse teams, and most importantly leads by his influence, not by title or position in the organisation.

Focusing on the importance of compliance management John explained how more countries and more companies are now recognising that obscure, non – transparent business tactics are a drag on productivity and business in the long run. Compliance is not an elimination of risks, but understanding of risk, managing risks smartly and responding when you see a problem. He said he was delighted to be at ISB and looked forward to having curious, passionate future leaders emerging from the School. The evening concluded with an interactive Q & A as John patiently responded to queries from the excited students.

This session was a part of a series of engaging and educating sessions that ISB organises for students, where they can interact and learn from the industry leaders.