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Self-development leads to Success

Vijayalakshmi Iyer, the Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of India visited the Hyderabad campus and spoke on “Steps to Success.” This session was hosted by the Women in Business Club of ISB as their curtain raiser for the year.

Iyer’s talk focused on improving one’s own self and identifying ways and means to self-improvement. She encouraged students to identify their strengths and weaknesses –  because a good leader leads herself before leading others.

She denounced the tendency to associate success with owning material possessions rather than exhibiting good qualities. Success is best achieved by self-development as it helps people “respond” to unexpected situations rather than “react” to them. Furthermore, Iyer stressed that success can be achieved by daring to dream, having positivity in life and being curious.

She encouraged the students to make sound and careful choices and to learn to disconnect from unhealthy criticism