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Professor Pedada is a finalist of 2019 Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Award

We are happy to announce that the Academy of Marketing Science has selected Professor Kiran Pedada as one of the three finalists for its prestigious 2019 Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Professor Pedada is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at ISB. He earned his PhD in Business Administration (Marketing) from the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University in 2018. His doctoral dissertation ‘Two Studies on International Marketing Joint Venture Dissolutions in Emerging Markets’ has been chosen for its quality.

"It is only recently that we see a rise in international marketing joint ventures in emerging markets, and hence, there is limited research available on this topic. In my research, I have compiled a unique dataset on the dissolutions of these alliances and found some counterintuitive results," said Professor Pedada. His work explored the precursors and consequences of international marketing joint ventures formed between developed and emerging market firms.

With the rise in such alliances, his work will aid conglomerates aiming to form partnerships with two businesses based in two or more countries.

"The dissertation offers firms a better understanding of what the effects of international marketing alliances dissolutions are and how to go about making critical dissolution decisions – what details should they reveal and what they shouldn’t," Pedada said.

A research paper stemmed from this dissertation, which was co-authored with S Arunachalam, Assistant Professor of Marketing, ISB – ‘A Theoretical Model of the Formation and Dissolution of Emerging Market International Marketing Alliances’ was recently published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

"This recognition is very good for Kiran, even so, because his research focuses on an under-researched or unexplored area that has become a strategic priority for many firms," said Professor Arunachalam on Professor Pedada’s research.

He added, “This award will benefit Kiran in many ways. Because he will be presenting his research to world-renowned faculty and industry leaders, he will strengthen his academic reputation.”

Being named as a finalist bolsters the researcher's academic reputation, networking opportunities and funding for future research.

"I am humbled that my dissertation has been chosen as one of the top three dissertations by the 2019 AMS Mary Kay Dissertation Award Competition," he said. "I am indebted to my adviser and the committee members for their continuous guidance and constructive feedback."

"This recognition encourages me further to explore this important area of research," Pedada said.

Professor Pedada will present his dissertation research at the 2019 AMS Annual Conference this year in Vancouver, Canada. He among other two finalists will be judged based on the quality of their research and presentation, and the winner of the award will be announced at the conference.


Venky Shankar, Professor of Marketing at Texas A&M University (left), Kiran Pedada, Professor of Marketing, (centre) and Mayukh Dass, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs at Rawls College, Professor Pedada’s dissertation advisor (right).