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Professor DVR Seshadri’s case study wins the 2018 EFMD Case Writing Competition

We are delighted to announce that the case study, Turning sand into gold – Service Transformation – A Case of Delhi International Airport, co-authored by Professor DVR Seshadri, Clinical Professor – Marketing, has won the 2018 EFMD Case Writing Competition under the Indian Management Issues and Opportunities category.

With rapidly evolving business dynamics, case writing is increasingly becoming an essential part of business school education. By writing a case about the challenges and opportunities of a company, the author puts the students in the shoes of the managers and confronts them with the decisions to be made. 
“The case of Delhi International Airport discusses the challenges faced by an entrepreneur to bring his business philosophy and values into reality. Physical infrastructure is the tangible component; behavior, attitude, empathy of the people serving the customers are intangible and critical components. The study talks about Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao’s (GMR) challenges of inculcating a culture of customer service in his organisations,” says Professor Seshadri. Professor Seshadri worked with Professors Gandhali Divekar and Prachee Javadekar of Parigha Research and Consultancy Services, Pune, to develop this case study.


The 2018 EFMD edition of Case Writing Competition had a wide range of categories and has cases that are prevalent, reflecting social and economic changes from all across the globe with a deep learning and inspiring experience for students. EFMD, European Foundation for Management Development, is a global, non-profit, membership-driven organisation dedicated to management development and recognised globally as an accreditation body for business schools, business school programmes, and corporate universities.
“The importance of high-quality cases focusing on Indian businesses can’t be overstated. Asian students have been taught with examples of western firms, employing western management concepts. Many of these do not translate well into the local business climate. As Indian commerce powers forward to a new place in the world order, it will be important to continue to learn from the experiences, successes and even failures of the Indian managers of today,” said Professor Philip Zerillo, Deputy Dean – Corporate and International Relations, ISB.
The Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) at ISB develops and promotes high-quality case studies and case innovations called CaseApps, specific to India and the emerging markets, with the support of ISB faculty as well as faculty from other business schools worldwide.
The Indian Management Issues and Opportunities category at the 2018 EFMD Case Writing Competition has €2,000 prize for winning the award.
We congratulate Professor Seshadri and his team for this award.