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PGPpro at National University of Singapore

Business creates opportunities for several people around the world. ISB has always believed in shaping students into world leaders. Understanding the complexity of global business, we have an ‘international week’ offering in our Post Graduate Programme in Management for Working Professionals (PGPpro).

PGPpro participants from our Delhi and Hyderabad cohort visited the National University of Singapore from February 11 to February 16, 2019.

The participants got an opportunity to learn the global business language, study and absorb complex interconnected global issues. The participants also learned to experience working effectively in an environment different from their ‘home culture' and gain an understanding of macro-level dynamics and unfamiliar economic environment in a foreign country.

“It has been an intellectually stimulating experience attending the ISB-NUS International Immersion Programme.”
- Arijit Sen, PGPpro 2019

The overall objectives of the visit were:

  • To gain an understanding of Singapore’s business, cultural and political environments
  • To achieve a working knowledge of local business practices through direct interaction with business leaders
  • To explore the value of different economic models as benchmarks for global business practices
  • To promote intercultural awareness and communication

Singapore, as a country, remains a model as to how a thriving culture of innovation and long-term strategic thinking are at the core of solving all business problems. At the heart of the programme were the industry visits to DBS Asia X, Block 71 Singapore and the enriching guest speaker sessions by Teng Lip KHOO – Vice President, Investments at Singapore Technologies Engineering Ventures; Alvin Chan – Business Technologist, Digital Innovation Lab at Singapore Airlines and Srikiran Raghavan – Vice Chair, Smart Cities Network Ltd.

Participants today need to develop a global mindset to be successful in business. International business is undergoing a rapid transformation with the arrival of new technologies, lessening borders and the growing cosmopolitan culture. Having international exposure, allows participants to see how globalisation has brought about an increasing 'connectedness' of businesses, markets, people and information across countries. The Indian market itself has become a thriving ground for international talent, and with the growing entrepreneurship in the Indian Subcontinent, the global demand for cutting-edge business solutions and inventive minds is on the rise.

A week of intense learning, gaining experience, networking at Singapore.
- Nandakumar Das, PGPpro 2019

The international immersion is an integral component of PGPpro. By empowering PGPpro participants with an immediate experience of how businesses are managed, demands are met and policies of the local market are framed, we nurture them into global leaders.

We have now extended this programme to professionals in Mumbai and Bengaluru. For more information about the programme, click here.