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PGP Course on Business Analytics offered online for ISB Community

Beginning October 16, the entire ISB community, including the alumni, can audit the PGP course Business Analytics using Data Mining" (BADM)online, marking the School’s inaugural foray into “open courseware.”

The materials for BADM will all be available on the course website, organised in 12 Units that follow the 5-week term. Each unit contains lecture videos, textbook reading instructions, points for discussion, and an online forum for discussions. In addition, the course will include two contests, where participants (including online auditors) can compete, thereby gaining hands-on experience.

The course will be led by Professors Galit Shmueli and Rajib Saha, who will conduct on-ground sessions with registered students in Mohali; the on-ground sessions are only open to registered PGP students.

Professor Galit Shmueli answers questions regarding this course:

How can people register for the course?

People register by giving both their ISB email id and their Google accounts. Once we have them, then we use the Google account for joining the group.

Is there a deadline by which people need to register for the course?

There is no deadline. People can register throughout the course duration. If they register late, they miss the opportunity to join forum discussions on earlier topics and maybe even the contest(s), but the materials will be available to them at that point as well.

Any plans to offer more courses like this in the near future?

I cannot say for other instructors, but if BADM online works well, I would love to also convert FCAS (Forecasting Analytics). That might be next year though (it is a lot of work!)

The course site can be accessed from here.