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PGP Co2017 all set for a year of transformation

The Orientation week at ISB campus marked the beginning of a new chapter for the PGP Class of 2017. It is organised by the School and alumni aiming to familiarise the new students with each other, life as an ISB student and how to make the most of their one year at the School. Orientation week or ‘O –Week’ as it generally referred is a week organised from the outgoing class, full of learning and fun filled team-building activities, sports, treasure hunts, presentations and more.

Professor Rajendra Srivastava, Dean, ISB and Dishan Kamdar, Deputy Dean Academic Programmes, ISB, welcomed the class at Hyderabad and Pradeep Singh CEO Mohali campus and Deputy Dean, ISB, at Mohali. The Class of 2017 has students from 174 universities, 665 organisations and work experience spanning 30 different countries and this diversity will enrich the learning of every student. The ISB faculty are their support pillars and after a year students will realise how ISB has up scaled, enhanced and transformed their life.

Sharing their experiences about orientation week students said initially they were a bit nervous with a mixed feeling of anticipation and excitement but after the orientation week hearing the alumni sharing their experiences , success stories and their transformation at the school makes them look forward to the one year journey.

The Orientation week culminated with a talent night where students got to showcase their collective and individual talents to other students, faculty and alumni.