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Nandan Nilekani invests in ISB alumni promoted social venture

Nudge Foundation, a not-for-profit focusing on sustainable poverty alleviation promoted by ISB alum Atul Satija, has attracted a seed grant of $200,000 from Infosys co-founder and former UIDAI chief Nandan Nilekani.
The Nudge Foundation trains below-poverty level individuals for four months, within residential "gurukuls", teaching them skill sets for grey-collar jobs like delivery, beauticians, driving, house-keeping. The Foundation has a strong ISB connection with Pramath Raj Sinha, Founding Dean ISB and Neeraj Arora, Vice President, Whatsapp and ISB Alum figuring on the board and as advisory members.
Atul Satija, founder and CEO of The Nudge Foundation, stated the cash pledged would allow the inspiration to attain its objective of pulling one million individuals sustainably out of poverty by 2020.
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