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Making Workplaces more Engaging

“A well designed workplace leads to a highly engaged workforce” said Uli Gwinner, President Steelcase Asia Pacific, addressing students of ISB. The Steelcase team represented by Praveen Rawal, M.D India and South East Asia, Uli Gwinner, President Steelcase Asia Pacific and Gale Moutrey, Vice President - Communications were at  Mohali campus to conduct a session on ‘Engagement and the Global Workplace’ and the launch of their global research report.

Praveen Rawal complimented the beautiful ISB campus. He spoke about how the design and infrastructure of a workplace keeps people engaged worldwide. He also shared some India centric statistics and the role of the Make in India campaign in the context of designing workspaces.

Uli Gwinner explained significance of a workplace in keeping people engaged. He took students through the journey of evolution of a work place. Highlighting the thought process and work done by the company he said space shapes behaviour and behaviour shapes culture. The work space talks about a company’s culture and also the engagement level of its workers and we are trying to create culture for work spaces. He also gave some very informative tips on how work places should be designed so that every employee feels equal and engaged with his/her work.

Gale Moutrey shared interesting facts about the engagement level of people with their workplace, across 17 countries. She also highlighted the co-relation between work place and employee engagement, where they found people who are highly engaged in their work are also fond of their work places and vice versa.

This thought-provoking and interesting session concluded with a Q&A followed by the handing of hardcopies of Steelcase global research report. The CAS team at ISB organises such interactions with the industry regularly to give students exposure to cutting edge and best practises,opportunities to understand the needs of the industry and learn from the leaders themselves.