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Making Government Performance Effective

The Bharti Institute of Public Policy at the Indian School of Business (ISB) organised a Symposium on International Experience with Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) in Government.

The symposium began with Professor Prajapati Trivedi, Senior Fellow (Governance) and Adjunct Professor Public Policy, ISB, summarising the Indian experience in M&E in Government Performance Management. This was followed by presentations from distinguished practitioners who graced the event namely, K. Padmanabhaiah, Former Home Secretary, GOI, Yogendra Narain, Former Defense Secretary, S.P. Jakhanwal, Former Secretary Coordination, Cabinet Secretariat, GOI, Arun Kumar, Former Secretary Water Resources, Pawan Chopra, Former Secretary, Information and Broadcasting, GOI, Radha Singh, Former Secretary Agriculture, GOI, and R. K. Mishra, Director, Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE). Professor Trivedi chaired the symposium. The distinguished speakers shared M&E experience of nations that are front runners in this field such as Brazil, Malaysia, USA, UK, Indonesia, and Kenya. These country experiences were compared with M&E systems in India.

The Symposium was attended by officers from Government of Telangana, AP, GOI, PSUs, senior faculty members and research scholars working in the M&E field. Around 180 participants attended the Symposium that was sponsored by Hindustan Copper Limited and was organised in partnership with the Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Centre for Innovation in Public Systems (CIPS), and Centre for Good Governance (CGG).