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ISB welcomes eight new faculty members on board

ISB welcomes eight new faculty members in its interdisciplinary and accomplished faculty pool. These professors are chosen for their research excellence and teaching capabilities. They are graduates from top research institutes around the world and bring their innovative research ideas and perspectives into the mix of ISB’s resident faculty.
These professors are committed to generating knowledge and ideas to enhance management practice and learning in the classroom. Some of these faculty have received awards and have been recognised for their achievements, while some have won awards for their papers.
 Meet our new faculty members:
Abhinav Uppal, Assistant Professor, Marketing
Professor Uppal obtained his PhD in Marketing from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Delhi. His research interests lie broadly in using microeconomic theory and game theory-based models to study various problems in marketing. His current research falls into two domains. In the first, he examines how policy debates, like the net neutrality debate, can change critically when marketing actions of the concerned firms are taken into account. In the second, he studies retailing in developed as well as developing economies to help explain the surprising resilience of unorganised retailing in emerging markets like India.
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Kiran Pedada, Assistant Professor, Marketing
Professor Pedada earned his PhD in Business Administration (Marketing) from the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. Professor Pedada focuses on two streams of research – alliances and B2B relationships; innovation and new product development. His doctoral dissertation proposal has been chosen as a runner-up in the 2017 best doctoral dissertation proposal competition organised by Society for Marketing Advances.
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Vishwakant Malladi, Assistant Professor, Operations Management
Professor Malladi obtained his PhD in Risk and Operations Management from the McCombs School of Business, UT Austin. His research primarily focuses on risk in an operations management context and can be broadly divided into two areas. First, he works on parsimonious modelling of risk in high dimensional systems using Levy processes. Second, he studies the impact of risk and risk dependence in operations management problems like inventory theory, reliability and the facility location problem.
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Pallavi Basu, Assistant Professor, Operations Management
Professor Basu completed her PhD in Business Administration from USC Marshall School of Business. Her research interests lie in applications of statistics in finance, marketing, operations and other disciplines; high–dimensional statistical inference; large-scale multiple testing and post-selection inference. Before her current stint at ISB, she completed her Postdoctoral Fellow at Tel Aviv University.
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Shiv Dixit, Assistant Professor, Economics and Public Policy
Professor Dixit received his PhD in Economics from the University of Minnesota. He is a Macroeconomist who uses tools in dynamic contracting theory to address issues in Public Finance, Monetary Economics and Development Economics. His dissertation studied how contractual frictions interact with the number of risk people choose to bear; rules that a government can impose on itself to discipline time-inconsistent behaviour; and efficient demonetization policies.
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Francis Kim, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
Professor Kim holds a doctorate (D.Phil) from Oxford University. Combining the disciplines of Economic History and Financial Economics, his research focuses on linking institutional factors to entrepreneurial activities in both historical and contemporary contexts; in particular, the corporate governance arrangements of family firms in emerging markets and start-ups around the world. He continues to serve as a Research Associate of EHESS for the Asian Capitalism unit. Previously, Francis was an associate strategist at Goldman Sachs and Navy officer in South Korea.
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Sumanta Singha, Assistant Professor, Information Systems
Professor Singha received his PhD in Decision Sciences from the University of Kansas and Masters of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. His current research includes social media analytics, crowdsourcing, judgement aggregation, decision theory and model selection.
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Nandu Nandkishore, Professor of Practice, Marketing and Strategy
Professor Nandkishore is a Global C-suite Executive with over 36 years of global experience in Leadership roles across a diverse set of environments in both emerging and developed markets, including, before he retired, as Executive Board Director for Nestlé S.A, responsible for Asia, Oceania & Africa and earlier, as Global CEO for Nestlé Nutrition in charge of markets all over the world including the US, Europe and Latam. He is now actively involved as a VC, Board advisor, mentor, coach and B School faculty, in using his expertise and experience to help guide companies through this fast-changing world.
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We welcome these individuals on board in contributing to our stature as a research-oriented institution.

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