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ISB students welcome families to AIKYA

‘Home away from home’- This is how we often refer to ISB and on Saturday, 25th July 2015, this phrase could not have been truer. As part of the launch of the Aikya for the year, students welcomed on campus their host families who hail from in and around Chandigarh region. This is a great opportunity to connect with some of the luminaries from the tricity.

The ISB student body, all decked up in Indian ethnics, welcomed over 50 families to the campus. Despite their hectic schedules, families went out of their way to attend the event and spend an evening to interact with students. As the families trickled in and started interacting with students, ice breakers turned into light conversations which turned in to selfies. The zeal with which both students and families gelled together was delightful.

‘Aikya’, meaning, openness is an event that intends to give back to the community that has supported the Mohali campus of ISB since its inception. Aikya provides the students a “foster” family during the year at ISB and helps them revisit that feeling of being “at home”.

The interactive session was followed by a “Talent night”. Students displayed their creativity through music, dances and a skit. Students danced to a peppy medley of Hindi music which got the evening going and ended with an exhilarating Bhangra performance which served as the perfect showstopper. Apart from the energetic dances, there were performances by the music club, that performed some classic numbers and left the audience spellbound. Theater club of the institute also presented a humorous enactment of what daily scenarios would look like if we “Faf”, or everything unnecessary was removed from the conversations.

The performances were followed by Dinner and some more conversations. The messages on the Grafitti wall put up for families to pen down their experiences was a testament to the success of the event. Even as we entered the wee hours of the night, the conversations kept on flowing. 
As the light dimmed out slowly, and the evening ended, the families drove back to their homes only to welcomingly host the students into their families for the year to come.