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ISB Researchers Felicitated at Ceremony

Researchers at ISB, who have qualified for PhD programmes in top-ranking schools, were recently felicitated by the Faculty and Research department at the Hyderabad campus. These Research Associates (RAs) and Academic Associates (AAs), who have worked in the School in the last few years, deserve special recognition.

Researchers who have recently been accepted to PhD programmes include:

    Rahul Chhabra, (advisor Professor Sankar De) has received offers from Kellogg, Ross (Michigan), and Iowa, all in finance area. He is waitlisted at UCLA.
    Siddharth Vij (advisor Professor Sankar De) has offers from Stern, NYU (finance) and Anderson, UCLA (Econ/Public Policy). A number of other finance programs had shortlisted Siddharth, but decided to withdraw after his NYU offer. Some of them offered to meet him in the job market four to five years down the road.
    Debapriya Chakraborty (Economics, advisor Professor Reuben Abraham) has offers from UC-Irvine and Rutgers.
    Urvashi Jain (Economics, advisor Professor Tarun Jain) has offers from Arizona State, Iowa State, and USC.
    Pranay Jinna (Information Systems, Academic Associate) has offers from CMU, Emory, and Maryland.
    Probal Mojumdar (Information Systems, advisor Professor Amit Mehra) has offers from CMU, U. Connecticut, and U. Minnesota.
    Arun Patro (Strategy, advisor Professor Raveendra Chittoor) has offers from Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, U. Illinois, U. Oregon, and U. Washington. He deserves special recognition for generating the most offers.
    Neeraj Prasad (Public Policy, advisors Professor V Chandrasekar and Professor Sudip Gupta) has an offer from Fletcher, Tufts.
    Malladi Vishwakant (Finance, advisor Professor Sudip Gupta) has offers from Arizona State, Iowa, USC, and UT-Austin.
    Ajay Yadav (Finance, advisor Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian) has offers from Duke and UNC.

Researchers expressed their gratitude to their advisors in the ceremony. “It has been exactly one year since I joined ISB. I had applied to 15 schools the previous year and was rejected by all. I attribute my success to my advisors, Professor Anand Nandkumar and Professor Raveendra Chittoor in the Strategy area. Once you are in ISB, you have access to all the resources you need to make it to a PhD program of your choice,” shared Arun Patro, a jubilant researcher with eight offers in hand.