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ISB-Ivey Case Writing Workshop 2013

The Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Case Development (CTLC)at the Indian School of Business (ISB) along with the Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada, organised the ISB-Ivey Case Writing Workshop during May 4 – 6 at ISB’s Mohali campus.


The intent of the workshop was to train faculty and case writers in the case writing process and help develop a case writing culture in Indian management schools. Conducted by Dr Ariff Kachra from Ivey, the intensive three-day workshop covered the fundamentals of case writing.


In addition to academics from Indian B-schools, the workshop had participants from a variety of backgrounds ranging from footwear design to petroleum studies to government departments. The 29 registered participants were required to come to the workshop with their case ideas, which were then honed under the tutelage of Dr Kachra. He emphasized that a great case writer must understand how cases are used in the classroom and what elements of cases make them world class. Participants were taken from the idea phase of case writing to the final draft phase. They were given practical tools and advice to help complete the case writing projects that they had come to the workshop with.


Participation in the workshop would be complete once participants send in their case plan for the case initiated during the workshop. They will receive detailed feedback from the ISB-Ivey team, based on which they can develop their case and teaching note. CTLC’s endeavour is to help participants raise the standard of their cases, so that they could publish more cases in the future. Workshop participants are encouraged to enter the ISB-Ivey Global Case Competition 2014, which will be announced in Jan-Feb 2014, as it will be a great platform for them to test their case-writing skills and possibly be rewarded for their efforts.


The ISB-Ivey Case Writing Workshop 2013 is one more step in CTLC’s efforts to help develop and enhance the quality of Indian management education, a cause that the Centre remains enthusiastically committed to.


Here is what the workshop participants had to say:

"Whoever said learning cannot be fun should experience the ISB-Ivey Case Writing Workshop. It was mesmerizing, to say the least."
- Dr Jitendra Sharma


 “The case writing workshop provided very valuable inputs and guidance for writing world-class case studies. Prof. Ariff Kachra has distilled his ocean of experience in a cup of three days. His techniques and tools will help me hone my case writing skills.”
- Dr Kulbir Singh


 “The effort and thought that was put into the case writing workshop, both in preparing for and conducting the workshop were remarkable. The workshop was fascinating to listen to: focused, energetic, and filled with insights.” 
- Prof. Mahesh


“The workshop was extremely comprehensive. A threadbare analysis of case writing was done by Prof. Ariff Kachra. Case Study is one of the most engaging methods to learn decision making. The three days spent in the workshop were interactive, engaging and enlightening. Congratulations to the entire team who conceived and executed this workshop.”
- Prof. Sanjay Kumar


“This was a meticulously planned workshop that covered most topics in case-writing. It facilitated maximum participation due to Dr Ariff Kachra’s style of involving participants in the whole process. The workshop not only helped participants understand how to write a case, but also brought forth areas of improving pedagogical tools to maximize learning for management students.”
Prof. Inder Pal Singh