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ISB hosts Artist Deepa Nath

As a part of its ‘Artist-in-Residence’ programme, ISB invited a well-known artist Deepa Nath to stay at the Mohali campus for a week and interact with the ISB community.

The objective of this programme is to stimulate creativity. The experience of interacting with an artist can be rejuvenating. It throws new light on innovation, stimulates aesthetic sensibilities and opens up a whole new alternative thought process.

Deepa interacted with the ISB community while pursuing her creative activities at the Academic Square all these days.

An interactive session was also held called “What is Art?”. During the Deepa Nath, who has two decades of experience explained the significance of art in a management programme. She is a keen observer of people and translates their emotions onto the canvas – be it street children in Mumbai, women in Rajasthan or the rural folk in Andhra. This intuitive ability helped her understand the importance of art in a business setting and hence the session was an eye-opener for many. She emphasized that a business environment needs creativity as it help us helps see alternate perspectives and thereby understand the importance of innovation in today’s business world. Apart from being a passionate artist, she is also a keen business woman – her commercial success is proof enough. “Art and business can go hand-in-hand”, she said and explained about career opportunities for students who wished to become curators. “The journey of art can start anytime”, she said and advised beginners to first start my imitating styles and then evolving into their own style of art. Staying true to oneself and pursuing excellence was the mantra to being a commercially successful artist, she concluded.

Deepa also conducted “Art training sessions” for the art enthusiasts on campus. The workshop helped put into practice the aspects learnt in the interactive session, which helped the students understand the importance of art better. The session which was attended by Pradeep Singh, CEO Mohali campus and Deputy Dean, ISB, staff members and the enthusiastic students of ISB, ended with the hope of a new trend of future managers who understood how to infuse art in management.

Deepa shared her art work with ISB which will soon be placed within the premises of the School.