ISB Updates


A new tradition was begun at the ISB campus today with a cake-mixing ceremony. This ritual was held at the Recreation Centre lawn. Many from the ISB community, including students, staff, faculty and their families participated in this fun activity that is also considered the harbinger of good tidings. Tables were joined and fresh new table cover laid out before parcels of candied ginger, cherries, figs and raisins were emptied onto the surface. Volunteers, adequately covered in aprons, gloves and hats, dove into the mixture, mixing it with gusto! Energetic participants dusted cinnamon onto the mixture to the strains of Hotel California in the background! The festive atmosphere pervaded the cinnamon-scented air, when more spices such as ground cardamom and nutmeg, nuts such as walnuts, cashews, almond flakes and pistachios, and syrups such as honey and molasses were added to the already-colourful mixture. The volunteers mixed steadily even as bottles of spirits were emptied onto the mixture. 

The ISB Community now awaits the cake that will be baked at the end of this month.