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ISB Celebrates the Spirit of Independence through “Bandhan 2016”

As part of their annual Independence Day celebrations the students of Indian School of Business hosted 360 children, from the weaker section of society across both campuses, under their flagship event, Bandhan. Every year, ISB fraternity celebrates Independence Day with the needy and the disadvantaged.  Bandhan, a student led initiative, brings together local underprivileged children, who spend an entire day on the campus. Various cultural events and fun activities are organised and run by the entire ISB community including students, staff, faculty and spouses. The children this year were from different NGO’s and low income schools.

Bandhan is organised by The Net Impact club of the school. The Net Impact chapter of ISB achieved the gold chapter status in 2014, and this year as well. The status was granted on account of the various initiatives designed by the students that aimed to leverage their business skills in engaging with the local community and solving social problems. The objective of the Net Impact club is to inculcate a sense of lasting social responsibility, and to inspire student interest in applying business skills towards positive social impact.

This year the theme around Bandhan was Drive the Change. The theme stemmed from the idea that we must drive the change we wish to see around us and people will follow. Preparations for the event began a month earlier with this theme in mind. Each week of the month prior to Bandhan was aimed to deliver value-based learning to children on collaboration, trust, respect and equality.

Bandhan was organised as a set of educative workshops across a spectrum of activities such as music, dance, theatre, creative writing and storytelling, art and craft, public speaking, sports, health and wellness, yoga and quiz. While sport workshops emphasised the values of teamwork and spirit of sportsmanship, theatre workshops dramatised real-life hardships faced by girl students in terms of equal opportunities for education. Storytelling enabled children to share their personal experiences through the medium of story writing. The science workshop focused on the theme of do-it-yourself, with the children creating their own torchlight from scratch and understanding the basic principles of electric flow. Music workshop imparted the learning that music can be created from almost anything, through a live demonstration put up by ISB students.

Bandhan 2016 culminated with energetic performances by the children, on Independence Day. The spectacular performances were entirely done by the children and included dances, songs and piano recitals by the visually impaired children. Essentially, Bandhan 2016 served as a gateway to Drive the Change, fostering positive transformations in the life of young children, and ISB student community alike. It was truly a day filled with smiles, hopes and a feeling of oneness within the community.