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ISB 27th among top 100 in Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2017

In the FT (Financial Times) MBA 2017 global rankings Indian School of Business (ISB) is ranked 27th among the top 100, which is better than the last year. In fact, in each of the last four rankings ISB has moved up by a few notches.
It’s particularly pleasing to note that ISB is the highest ranked business school from India. Three other Indian management schools among the top 100 this year speaks of the increasing good quality of management education in our country.
A quick glance at the numbers reveal that we continue to rank quite high in alumni recommendations and are among the top three schools globally, in terms of percentage salary increase - in fact, we are ranked at the top on this dimension, amongst the top 30 schools.
An area where we have broken fresh ground is in the PhD graduates numbers, with two of our students making the cut this year – both placed at leading universities in Europe. We hope to see greater improvement in these numbers in the future. Our research ranking continues to be almost at the same level as last year.
Our ranking is based on our PGP programme which is much larger than the ranked PGPX / XPGP programmes for the other Indian schools. Hence, our programme ranking goes hand-in-hand with a scale approximately 20 times larger than competitive schools and, therefore, has a correspondingly greater impact on management practice across the world. It also means that our alumni base is increasing at a much more rapid rate – particularly at the senior management level – and will enhance our external impact. Our alumni community continues to grow every year, providing a strong pool of global leaders, and contributing significantly to propel the institution to greater heights.
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