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Helping Professionalise NGOs

This professional club aims to use business skills to create social impact. Last year this workshop was held both in Patna, Bihar and in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. This year nine students from the current PGP class including Sriram Sabhapathy, President of the Net Impact Club, presented modules to participants in relevant topics such as fundraising, technology, governance and finance, social impact measurement, social innovation, and social media. Net Impact Pune Professional chapter was the partner for the event.
The participants, many of whom were social entrepreneurs and personnel from NGOs, learnt business skills that would help them run their organisations more efficiently. From learning about how to register non-profits to how to use social media for the organisations, the modules covered a gamut of topics. The students, who enjoyed this role reversal, appreciated the difference that they had made
“I learnt how a huge and long standing impact on the social sector can be created by students like us by just sharing the knowledge we have gained in school and in our personal and professional lives,” Sabhapathy said
Based on their classroom experiences, the students devised different ways of teaching the modules. Through interactive case studies, group activities and expert speakers, they brought alive the condensed version of management studies to the participants.
Prashant Pandit, Associate Vice-President, NASSCOM Foundation was invited to talkabout the use of technology by non-profits. Pandit shared some easily-accessible technology tools for this sector that some participants found very useful and began using while the session was still in progress.
Jitendra Kedia from PGP Class of 2103was responsible for creating the finance module. Kedia’s challenge lay not just in creating this new module but also in making it interesting and relevant for the participants. He spoke about how the team’s support made the task spoke “seem easy.”
For the participants, the workshop provided more than just a theoretical framework on which they could build their organisations, it also taught them how to apply these skills in their day-to-day operations and helped clarify the concepts of social entrepreneurship.“This workshop has given me many new ideas, explained what exactly social entrepreneurship is and what can be done through it. I am much clearer now on how NGOs should work and kind of governance they must have.” said Charusheela Ranade, volunteer with Cochlea and Director, Demech Pvt. Ltd.
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