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GS 10K Women - Chandigarh Chapter Meet at ISB, Mohali

The Chandigarh Chapter of GS 10K Women got together at ISB for an interactive session based on the theme, “Hear, Care and Share.” The session saw a lineup of some powerful speakers who spoke on topics related to growth and sustainability of the business.

The session was opened by Reema Gupta, Head, Corporate Relations and CLMP who welcomed the guests and answered their queries about GS program.

Mrs. Sammita Sachdev, Regional Manager, Bank of Baroda, gave a presentation on the several government schemes available for women entrepreneurs to grow their business and how these can be easily availed. The audience found the session extremely helpful. Dr. Rakesh Chopra, a UK based mentor, gave an enriching session on how to multiply profits. He also offered free one-time service to all present in the audience.

In addition to the local chapter members, the event also witnessed attendance from several women entrepreneurs enrolled under a boot camp at IIM-Indore, visiting Punjab. Several of them shared their experiences and journeys with the audience.

“I am extremely happy to see how my fellow members are taking leaps in their workspace and encourage each other to do more. We are really looking forward to the next phase of the program”, said Sartaj Lamba, President of the Chandigarh Chapter.