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Dean Don Jacobs, architect of the ISB-Kellogg relationship, passes away

Message from Dean Rajendra Srivastava:

Professor Don Jacobs, Dean Emeritus of Kellogg, passed away on October 30, 2017 in Evanston, Illinois. Dean Jacobs also served on the Governing Board of the ISB since the inception. Don is an old friend of the school and the architect of the ISB - Kellogg partnership.

He was one of the earlier leaders who Rajat reached out to with his idea of setting up a world-class B-school in India.  Don was very enthusiastic and it was he who suggested that ISB partner with more than one institution and was instrumental in getting Tom Gerrity, the then Dean of Wharton to also support ISB.  Don was also responsible for creating the portfolio model of faculty, for ISB, which has come to be known as one of the School’s leading differentiators amongst its various stakeholders. 

As one of the Founding Board members, he took on the role of our advisor on the academic and research progress of the School and its future growth. He has been a pillar of support through the years and has visited us on a couple of occasions in Hyderabad. As a founding member of the ISB Governing Board, he has also attended quite a few of our Board meetings.  As per Dipak Jain, when asked by a reporter at the launch of ISB as to what’s in it for Kellogg, Dean Jacob’s answer was simple. He said that this was a small token of appreciation to all fabulous faculty of Indian descent at Kellogg. His passion for ISB was evident when I met him shortly after joining ISB. He was delighted with the progress we had made but wanted to know what else we would do to challenge the world of education. His advice: look ahead.

It was only appropriate that we honoured him during ISB’s 10-year celebrations at Chicago in 2011. Some pictures - With his passing away, ISB has lost a great friend and champion. ISB will further honour Dean Jacob’s legacy by naming the faculty lounge in his memory and launch a seminar series focusing on industry-academic collaboration in his name involving both ISB alumni as well as Kellogg alumni in India.

Please join me in conveying our condolences to Don’s family, friends and members of the Kellogg community. Kellogg has planned a future celebration of the legacy of “the dean of deans”, and I would like to propose that we participate in these celebrations in India.