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Day 2 of ISB Digital Summit Marks Deep Discussions

The energy and diversity of debate continued on Day 2 of the ISB Digital Summit which saw a wide variety of speakers discussing a whole range of exciting topics. Mobile commerce, 5G network technology, big data and predictive analytics, among others, were some key topics that came up for spirited debate. 

The proceedings commenced with Professor Amit Mehra from University of Texas rendering an academic talk, on the role of causal analytics in digital business and emphasising the difference between predictive and causal analytics.

The panel discussion on Mobile Commerce – Global to Hyper Local Action that followed next was a highly informative debate highlighting how mobile is changing the way of hyper local businesses. The choice of web experience versus mobile as a medium for e-commerce, changing purchasing habits of people and some very interesting data on mobile usage for e-commerce was shared by the panelists.

Nishant Batra, Sr. Vice President & CTO at Ericsson, delivered an intensely gripping industry keynote on 5G for the networked economy. He spoke of the characteristics of 5G, timeline of its rollout, the vision of 5G network for future and its impact on the industry. With the commercial network set to be established by 2020 it is likely to change the world with its many usabilities, he said.

The panel discussion on Big Data Analytics - Predictive Analytics Using Machine Learning, the start-up showcase, academic talk on machine learning for predictive analytics and the industry keynote on fostering innovation through digital disruption in India were the other agenda items that filled up the invigorating second day of the summit.