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Competitiveness in Indian Aerospace and Defence Sector

The Innovation 2012 series of seminars that aims to advance innovation in products and in manufacturing processes in India recently held its inaugural session in Delhi. The seminar “Competitiveness in Indian Aerospace and Defence Sector,” was held in collaboration with the Centre for Air Power Studies. This seminar continues the theme of the two earlier sessions, Swavalamban I and II, which were held in partnership with the College of Defence Management and centred on issues pertaining to the policy on defence offsets and to the defence production in the country.

The seminar aimed to offer perspectives and discussions centred on the following questions:

  • What are the drivers and impediments for Indian companies to carry out innovation in the Aerospace and Defence Sector?
  • What new technology is necessary for Aerospace and Defence in the coming years? 
  • How effective are existing commercial mechanisms (PPPs, JVs, etc.) and government policies (for example, the defence offset policy) in creating an environment that is conducive for innovation in Aerospace and Defence in India?
Experts offered their varying perspectives and an interesting dialogue ensued between the panellists and the audience. Issues that were brought to the fore included: incentives for spurring innovation, policy drawbacks in the aviation sector, opportunities in ESO and MRO sector and potential to develop A&D sector through defence offsets. Vivek  Lall, Chairman of Reliance New Venture gave the keynote address while SB Agnihotri, Director General Defence Acquisition made the valedictory address.