ISB Updates

Class of 2012: The Learning commences

The last of the Welcome Class of 2012 banner has been put away. The campus atrium is bare but for students milling about with their laptops and cell phones. Classes have resumed and a new batch of students is getting ready for the ride of their lives!
This year 579 students have enrolled in the Post Graduate Programme at the campus. They come from all over the country, from small villages to big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.  They are all high achievers who have excelled in their chosen fields. The fields themselves are diverse enough to represent a microcosm of professions – scuba diving, writing, law, fashion designing, architecture, army and medical science are all represented at the campus.
The students seem to be great jugglers as well! Ravinder Pal Singh is the author of the bestseller “I too had a love story” and has also won billiards championship at his workplace, Nikhil Acharya’s movie “Untitled” won an award in the Youth Media Summit at Australia and his T-shirts sell in Hyderabad, and Sugandha Jha is a patent holder, poet and an avid blogger. 
The students are all accomplished but in their new unfamiliar setting at the ISB they need guidance and a helping hand. In order to build camaraderie among the students, the School conducts “Orientation Week.” The journey begins at the atrium, where the students gather to listen to a presentation about the School and the student life here. They also participate in activities such as “Three Islands” and “Blade of Grass” that are designed to build trust and co-operation among the students. This would serve them well in their academic year at the campus, where they will be required to study in groups and collaborate with each other for presentations, etc.  But first, the students bond over ball games. The students split into groups and play cricket and football in their first day at the campus familiarizing themselves with one another and the space that will be home for the next year.
As the students find their way tentatively around the campus, they are gently guided by the alumni, whose confidence sets them apart in the milieu. Dressed in black ISB T-shirts, the alumni lead the students to their activities. Been there, done that, their body language suggests. They extend their knowledge and a friendly hand to the “freshers.” Right now, the campus is 260 acres of maze to the students, who truly appreciate this friendly gesture by the alumni. “They are a superb knowledge bank and really helped us in everything from offering tips on how to take notes to the food they serve here,” Sanchita Upadhyay reflects. 
The week of play and learning involves presentations by the different clubs, talks on the “case study” method of teaching – all of which culminate in “Talent Night.” Each of the eight classes is given ten minutes to entertain. The students spend hours organizing, planning and rehearsing for the show.  This year the three-hour program featured a comedy “Famous Personalities who want Admission to the ISB”; a thought-provoking play “Going Green at the ISB”; and a much-loved show on Mungeri Lal turning into Superman.
The show is a success.  The planning and organizing has not been in vain as the students have found friends. The crowded year at the campus will brighten with meaning and the ride will be tiring, but joyful.