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Bonds at Bandhan

As India celebrated 71 Glorious years of Independence ,students at ISB hosted around 700 children’s across both its campuses for Bandhan, our annual event wherein our community comes together to interact with these young children for a day full of fun and learning. This year we hosted  300 students from  three NGO’s - Jeevan Mukt Nishulk Vidyalaya,  Humari Kaksha and  Chandigarh Spinal Rehab Centre at Mohali and over 400 children from 7 NGOs including Teach for India, Don Bosco, Kare School, Telangana Social Welfare Residential School, Hyderabad Children Aid Society, Devnar School for the Blind and Sphoorti Foundation at the Hyderabad campus.

Preparations for Bandhan started off in earnest a few weeks ago. Our dedicated core team and group of volunteers put in a lot of hours of planning and hard-work to ensure that our visitors had a great time today. Everything from the activities to the logistics were planned to a T, and the entire cohort got involved with the highest number of volunteers seen for any event on campus. The Bandhan Hula-hoop challenge was a big hit among the batch.

The theme for the day was ‘Bonds at Bandhan’, which I feel was really appropriate as this is exactly what the event achieved. It was a special day that saw the coming together of youngsters and some not so youngsters in a manner that ensured that we created memories and had a blast at the same time!
The day started off with the Hoisting of the Tri-colour, following which the students quickly got busy with the various activities we had planned for them. Music, dance, story-telling, arts and sports were all on the menu, and the planning for all events was impeccable. The one thing that none of us were ready for though, was the amount of energy the children brought with them! It was a pleasantly tiresome task to keep up with these little dynamos running around campus, and even the fittest of our lot were left gasping for breath in an attempt to match their energy!

It was great to see the amount of talent on display, with the kids mastering each activity- from making paper-planes and lotuses to learning the dance steps and songs in next to no time! It is days like this one that give us a sense of the impact a quality education, and a holistic approach to learning can have on the development of children. With the right amount of focus and encouragement, these children will go on to achieve some great things for our country and the world at large!

Moreover, Bandhan was a great day for the ISB Class of 2019 too; Among the madness of assignments, exams and deadlines, it was a great way to destress and let loose. It was as if the entire campus was enveloped in a blanket of happiness and positivity, and the children should get full credit for that!
This year at Mohali campus we also saw members of the Chandigarh Spinal Rehabilitation Center visit the campus. It was a really enriching experience to interact with these differently abled people, who manage to defy the odds every-day and maintain a positive attitude despite of all the difficulties they face. It was really inspiring to hear from two of them who shared their journeys with us, the overarching theme of their speeches being self-sufficiency and the importance of never giving-up. A massive amount of respect goes out to these individuals and the management of the center, from the ISB community, for the great work that they do.

Overall, I think it would be fair to say that Bandhan 2018 was a massive success. It personified everything that we at ISB stand for- service, equality and holistic development. It was an absolute pleasure for each and every one of us to be involved with this event and I am sure we will all look back on today as one of our best days at ISB. Happy Independence Day 2018!!

- By Manik Garg Co 2019